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Investigation - Johnson City Home
Location: Johnson City, NY
Evidence Found: Female Voice (Audio), Flashlight Turning on and off (Video - WMV)
Comments:Taking a TAPS reference case, the team was called in to investigate a home in Johnson City with various claims of activity. The home itself was very old, as the family's great grandmother lived in the home until she passed and gave the home away. As it would turn out, the activity was first noticed a few years after the great grandmother had passed. As the years went on the activity became more and more frequent. Various objects were heard moving within the attic and in bedrooms, most notably when Christmas decorations were found thrown about in the attic. Various batteries in devices had been mysteriously drained when fully charged. The activity even produced a screaming voice where apparitions were seen moving around the house. The client had felt quite scared by this and was looking for answers.

After a full nights investigation, we were able to address the concerns of the client but could unfortunately not find any conclusive answers. Other explanations were instead found to support a more natural hypothesis for the activity - The shadowy apparitions seen were unfortunately not caught on any device. Low EMF was not to account for any type of hallucinations. One possible explanation given is that objects seen at the corner of one's eye can be mistaken for a humanoid shape, as the brain tries to decipher missing pieces of an object. This is a common occurrence when someone says they "See something out of the corner of their eye" and then its gone. The boxes moved in the attic were also unexplained. but we believe that the boxes were simply stocked in a position that was unstable. As attics tend to have loose foundations, especially during the cold winter nights and warmer days with contracting wood, it is possible the contents simply shifted and fell out. In terms of various voices and feelings heard/felt in some bedrooms, it was found that a high base EMF was located around the bed that went into the upwards of 2.4-5.8 milligauus. Sleeping in such a high base EMF may produce vivid hallucinations combined with dreams.

Now with all of that being said, the case was not without its mysteries. During one part of the investigation, a flashlight was seen turning itself on and off on a bed. Batteries were checked on the flashlight and it appeared to be in normal working condition before and after the mysterious occurrence. At this time we do not have any natural explanations for why this would have occurred beyond a complete unusual malfunction of the flashlight for a short period of time. In addition, we discovered an audio clip of a female that may appear to say something. The voice of the female is in question however between paranormal and natural as other investigators were heard talking in a previous room. The clip may say the words "Please Help Me", but we leave the interpretations of the voice to the client as this is an ambiguous piece of data.

Overall the SP team found many natural explanations for the claims that should alleviate the fear that the client was having in the home. Some recommendations we found to stop this phenomena would be to remove the client from the high EMF by moving around the furniture to avoid this base EMF spot. In terms of the activity found we were confused by this and would like to investigate this further.

Investigation - Return to Johnson City NY Home
Date: 4/16/10
Location: Johnson City NY
Evidence Found:
Unusual Thermal Image

Comments:The team traveled back to Johnson City to investigate the various claims of a household that held shadow apparitions, objects moving, and phantom voices. Similar to the previous case, no concrete evidence was found to locate shadow apparitions, but several strong shadows were detected that may allude to someone seeing what they think is a "shadow" apparition. These could be caused by various objects, as well as our eye not perceiving the entire shape of the object. Various sounds heard could also likely be created when someone is sleeping or near-sleeping with high EMF located near the bedroom areas. High EMF combined with dream-like states may enhance hallucinations, depending on how sensitive someone may be to the field. We also did notice that the flashlight that may be turning on and off could have been more likely to be natural, due to the fact that an additional flashlight caused the same effect. As it happens more often, a piece of evidence is likely to be more natural than if it occurred only once.

One new interesting piece of data we found from a thermal imager camera. A large blob like heat signature that appears as blue appears in a window, with no apparent reason. As it is blue, it is colder than the rest of the area., making this unlikely to be a person. It may be a temperature reflection however, so we are unsure on this image. We also located a possible EVP response in a bedroom, which again leaves us with more questions

The SP team was able to find many natural solutions to their claims as well as new evidence that cannot be debunked. A recommendation of the SP team to stop some of the natural phenomena would be to move alarm clocks (where high EMF is present) farther away from where someone may sleep, as well as possible changing the location of the bed in the mother’s room to a spot with less EMF. Activity occurring must be looked at as a mostly natural phenomena, and any new activity must be looked at in comparison to areas of high EMF.

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