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Investigation - Shiloh Inn Restaurant
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Evidence Found:
Loud Male Name
Acknowledgement Response
Female - "Please Go"

Comments: Scientific Paranormal was called into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There we investigated an old house, now turned into a restaurant, called the Shiloh Inn. Some might remember the history of the Shiloh Inn as depicted in a 1984 movie with Diane Keaton and Mel Gibson called "Mrs. Soffel". While many of the events in that movie were re-created for entertainment, the core history remains the same.

As we located in historical newspaper records, Mr. and Mrs. Soffel (Peter and Kate) lived at the Shiloh Inn which was then exclusively a home. Mr. Soffel was a Warden at the Allegheny Jail and Mrs. Soffel often read bible passages to prisoners. In 1903, Mrs. Soffel became extremely affectionate with two brothers, Ed and John Biddle, who were prisoners there. While the details are faded from there, we do know that she incapacitated her husband with Chloroform, then released and escaped with the two Biddle boys north. They made it as far as Butler County until they were finally cornered and gunned down on February 2nd, 1903.

While one of the Biddle boys died on the scene, another one made it to the jail where he later died as well. Mrs. Soffel was hurt, but survived. She spent around 19 months in prison for her crimes. Deeply ashamed and hurt, Mr. Soffel quit his job and divorced Mrs. Soffel in 1904. The two were never heard from again.

After 60 or so years, the home was restored into a restaurant, now called the Shiloh Inn. There were numerous claims of activity, ranging from cold-spots, the people being poked, to seeing a white lady believed to be Mrs. Soffel in the window of the restaurant. We investigated top to bottom and found many de-bunked claims such as very smudgy windows, perpendicular lights hitting the windows, extremely high EMF cages (100-200 milliGaus EMF fields in all four directions in some areas), and wood creaking due to high temperature fluctuations (60 degrees in the 1st floor and 90 degrees in the attic)

With such successful de-bunking, we expected there to be little evidence or little personal experiences. To our surprise, our members did get distinct knocking when we asked for a response, we heard a toilet flush on its own, as well as hearing footsteps in a nearby floor. When reviewing the evidence, we found three very distinct and very powerful EVP's located ONLY in the attic. This was interesting to us because there was an unofficial claim that someone had died in the attic, but the name or details were never confirmed.

Because of all of this, we believe that the Shiloh Inn may indeed be haunted, but, we do not believe it is Mr. or Mrs. Soffel. The fact that they divorced and were hurt emotionally leads us to be believe that any haunting here would not be them looking for each other, as they would not want to return here. Instead, we believe there must be additional history before or after in this area that would cause this haunting. In the first EVP, we find a husky man's voice saying the name "HICKS". If we can conduct further historical research and determine if a man named Hicks had lived or died near this area, or in the Shiloh Inn, we can all but rule out that any haunting here would be that of a separate man, and or woman.

Shiloh Inn Restaurant - The team was contacted by the chief chef of the historic Shiloh Inn Restuarant to investigate claims of unnusual paranormal activity... Read the Full Story
  • PA Case - Shiloh Inn
    Shiloh Inn Restaurant -
    The team was contacted by the chief chef of the historic Shiloh Inn Restuarant to investigate claims of unnusual paranormal activity...
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