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If you need direct assistance to investigate your home or work-place for an investigative case please contact us today. All investigation services are completely free of charge. These cases can remain completely private if so chosen. For event hosting, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

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Latest News

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    Scientific Paranormal investigated the historic Sterling Opera House. Multiple claims of apparitions, both male, female, and child, have been seen and heard including object movements, shadows, balls...
  • FrontNews5
    Scientific Paranormal investigated the Ivoryton Playhouse, a historical community center turned theater. The Ivoryton Playhouse was built in the early 1900’s, but actually became a theater in the...
  • FrontNews4
    The SPNY team was called to investigate the Glen Loch Mill Restaurant in Jamesville. Reports of activity included apparitions being seen, footsteps heard upstairs when no one is there, items being thrown...
  • FrontNews3
    Scientific Paranormal investigates Fort Stanwix! The SP team had the pleasure of being able to investigate the historical Fort Stanwix. Fort Stanwix was built at 1762 under British General John...
  • FrontNews2
    Scientific Paranormal investigates the Deep River Library. The team traveled to Deep River Connecticut to investigate claims in a very old library. Originally the library was a home built by a...
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