Scientific Paranormal is an organization dedicated to providing professional and scientific answers to unexplained phenomena in order to alleviate the fear and misunderstanding associated with this. We were founded in 2007 in Syracuse NY. We expanded an additional team in 2009 in Connecticut. The organization provides direct support to the states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, as well as across the country. We are dedicated to helping find natural causes to questions regarding paranormal phenomena. The organization uses the latest in audio, visual, and other specialty equipment in order to locate natural sources for claims of paranormal. Occasionally we come across unknown data, which we currently classify as "paranormal", or, out of the normal range of experiences.

The existence of the unexplained phenomena is without a doubt a constant in our world. Much of this phenomena is a part of the natural world. However, with the extreme lack of scientific data supporting this, mainstream science has failed to successfully document and categorize paranormal phenomena. Our continual mission is therefore to gather as much scientific data and evidence of the paranormal as possible to eventually create a new professional science field in this study. This knowledge is invaluable to the overall education and awareness of our current world.

Please read further for Q&A:

Q - What is the mission statement of Scientific Paranormal?
A - Scientific Paranormal's mission is to alleviate the fear and misunderstanding of unknown events through technical documentation, psychological consoling, and education.

Q - Why was Scientific Paranormal formed?
A - Scientific Paranormal was formed so that it can use scientific means to help those individuals or organizations who feel that they are being affected by unknown events.

Q - What separates Scientific Paranormal from other paranormal organizations?
A - Unlike many paranormal organizations, Scientific Paranormal's overall goal is to find natural causes for claims of paranormal phenomena using advanced science and technology with high scrutiny. We continually strive to hire professional individuals with advanced education degrees in such fields as Information Technology, Psychology, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, etc. We use this knowledge when dealing with claims of paranormal activity as we aim to use science and paranormal research hand in hand. Our primary concern is to help individuals and organizations understand and remove the fear associated with the unknown. Our secondary concern is to document and categorize paranormal claimed events.

Q - What scientific devices does Scientific Paranormal use on investigations?
A - Scientific Paranormal utilizes some of the most state-of-the-art hardware and software for today’s current data analysis. We document audible activity by using digital audio devices that pick up sounds in a 360 degree area around the device. We use infrared digital video through security DVR systems and mobile camcorder units. Some of these units also contain ultraviolet spectrum viewing. We use electronic magnetic field (EMF) meters to locate the levels of high EMF that may affect claims of paranormal activity. We use motion detection to locate possible object movements and through natural movements such as animal activity or human contamination. A thermal imager is used to map out entire heat signatures of areas to locate possible drafts, animals, leaks, or unusual heat phenomenon. These are just a few of the devices used during case-investigations. Please refer to the equipment portion of our site for more details.

Q - What does TAPS family mean?
A - Scientific Paranormal works with TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, through the TAPS Family network. As a Family Member, we are networked with some of the most professional and elite paranormal research groups in the world. This allows us to respond to and re-direct cases much more efficiently. If you have a case that is forwarded to TAPS and is within our direct area, then that case will be forwarded back to us so we can respond more efficiently to it.

Q - What is the relationship between Scientific Paranormal and the scientific community?
A - Scientific Paranormal's long-term goals include the ability to present undisputable evidence, research, and data to present to the world-wide scientific community. This can take anywhere from years to decades of constant scientific methods used for unexplained phenomena. Science has changed paranormal or laughable ideas into real-world science through constant research. For example, the notion of space travel, splitting the atom, even computers were all deemed as "out of the norm" and those who tried to develop these ideas were ridiculed. In order to develop any scientific ideas that may seem radical, one must first gather the necessary data and proof required to make a proposed theory and hypothesis to support that theory. Once accomplished, this field will garner more accomplished scientific means and paranormal activity theories can be made into a reality.

Q - I’m still a can you prove any evidence?
A - Scientific Paranormal has taken an oath to provide 100% authentic results to the public. These results are not doctored or tampered with in any way. This oath is our promise to you that we only are showing you the best of evidence possible. Obviously, there is no way we can fully convince any die-hard skeptic fully just within audio/visual proof. However, we ask those who try and want to dis-prove us and evidence to find scientific means to do so and not simply dismiss them with no counter arguments, proof or theories to back it up. We whole heartedly welcome skepticism as it only helps in finding natural claims to paranormal activity, thereby helping our mission goals.

Q - Why does Scientific Paranormal have a free investigation service to the community?
A - Scientific Paranormal is a non-profit organization and its goal is to help the community with their own questions and distress over the paranormal. We, therefore, are providing this service as a free community service from our own will. There is no reason a community member should have to pay for information or help. We do accept donations which will help fund our research.

Q - How can I request a free investigation of my home and/or workplace?
A - Please contact Scientific Paranormal at our general e-mail address at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q - Are there community events for Scientific Paranormal?
A - Scientific Paranormal continually hosts both paid and non-paid based events. Typically, paid events will include a purchased ticket that can be bought through our website or an event hosted companies website. Events that are purchasable typically are created to cover costs of booking, food, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred. Large events such as full banquet, lecture, and community led investigations are typically paid events. Non-paid events are typically free informational sessions that require no ticket to be purchased. These events are generally small, community driven venues and have no costs associated with them. New events are posted on the main page of our website.

Q - Can I join Scientific Paranormal?
A - Scientific Paranormal continually welcomes new members to join the team! However, it is preferable if you are located near or within 50 miles of one of our two locations; Syracuse NY or Hartford CT. If you are further out, contact us for more information about joining. All members who wish to join Scientific Paranormal must have some form of personal or motivated experience in the field. Ages must be 18+. Equipment and software knowledge for analyzing evidence is a plus. When requesting to join, please have answers to questions posted on our contact page completed prior to e-mailing.

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