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The SPNY team was called to investigate the Glen Loch Mill Restaurant in Jamesville. Reports of activity included apparitions being seen, footsteps heard upstairs when no one is there, items being thrown from shelves in the kitchen, and one employee having her hair pulled in the basement. The location has a long history. It was a working feed mill until 1969 and converted into a restaurant in 1972...
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Scientific Paranormal investigated the historic Sterling Opera House. Multiple claims of apparitions, both male, female, and child, have been seen and heard including object movements, shadows, balls of light, and more. The Sterling Opera house was built in 1889 as a theater on April 2nd. The two lower levels served as a city hall and police station. The theater remained in use until 1945 while the city hall and police station were in use until 1965. The opera house was named after Charles Sterling founder of the Charles Sterling Company of Sterling Piano’s, but he passed away before the Opera House was completed in 1887. Many famous performances were seen here including Amelia Earhart addressed the local Women’s Club here in 1936, Harry Houdini, and D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation premiere....
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Scientific Paranormal investigated the Ivoryton Playhouse, a historical community center turned theater. The Ivoryton Playhouse was built in the early 1900’s, but actually became a theater in the 1930’s. Its original purpose was an employee recreational hall for the Comstock Cheney factory. Before being demolished, a man named Milton Stiefel decided to convert the building into a theater...
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Scientific Paranormal investigates Fort Stanwix! The SP team had the pleasure of being able to investigate the historical Fort Stanwix. Fort Stanwix was built at 1762 under British General John Stanwix. Originally, the Fort was an important neutral treaty grounds where the British and the Iroquois Indian Nation negotiated terms. The Fort eventually was abandoned in 1768 after the treaty was signed. In 1776 the Fort was reoccupied by Colonial troops under Colonel Elias Dayton. Technically, the fort was renamed Fort Schuyler for a time. The Fort saw a siege on August 3rd, 1777 under a combination of British forces and Native Americans. While the Fort was taken back over by the British regiment, a nearby skirmish, The Battle of Oriskany, forced the British to withdraw from the Fort.
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Scientific Paranormal investigates the Deep River Library. The team traveled to Deep River Connecticut to investigate claims in a very old library. Originally the library was a home built by a man named Richard Spencer in 1881. The home was eventually donated in the early 1900's as a gift to the town and became a perfect spot for the library, which was in need of a location. In 1933, the home was officially converted into the Deep River Library. Over the years, there has been reports of paranormal activity. Most of these claims point back to a female apparition, as there are claims of female murmuring, laughing, even a female apparition has been seen. There have also been reports of footsteps and other noises.
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Scientific Paranormal investigates the historic and legendary USS The Sullivans Battleship! The entire SP team had the pleasure of being invited onto a historical ship called the USS The Sullivans. This Fletcher-class destroyer served in World War II and the Korean War. Named after the Sullivans Brothers who lost their lives when their ship, the USS Juneau, was sunk by a Japanese submarine during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. This vessel served as an important support during the war and through many battles. In 1965 it was decommissioned and eventually sent to the Buffalo Naval Park as a museum ship.
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Human Mind

By: Jacqueline Shields

The human mind biology. Why are our brains more advanced than other specifies, clarify why we use more of it. How much of our brain is used? How do we perceive light and sound? Is it possible that our brains are evolving as we speak? If so, are psychics simply humans with more advanced brains? Can others have a “6th sense” if their brains are more advanced? Is this even possible or science fiction? In reality, human use 100% of their brain matter. All areas of the brain contain axon interactions. If parts are damaged, there have been countless cases of other areas of the brain making up for the lost or damaged sections. This may be due to a phenomenon called “redundancy”. This is a concept, which states there are several central pathways of neurons. One may be damaged while another can cover it and the brain function is maintained. 1

Vision and hearing on a very basic level work like this in these simple terms. A physical stimulus occurs, our eyes and ears take that stimulus Eyes and ears then convert the stimulus to nerve impulses and transmits it to neurons that send the signals to the brain where they are translated. After translation, we react to the stimulus.

The subject of “advanced brain function” is a fuzzy subject. It is basically a matter of opinion. Is the term advancement mean evolution/natural selection? If this is the case, then yes, humans and chimpanzees accumulate many more changes in gene sequence than monkeys. In turn, monkeys accumulate many more changes over mice. This may be a way to classify “advance” function. 2 This evolutionary process is ongoing. Gene mutations occur continuously, therefore human brains are evolving at the present time.

If a sixth sense, or heightened intuition really exists, can it be explained in evolutionary and physiological terms? 3 Some scientists believe so.

There are several possible explanations for why such "intuitive hunches" sometimes play out. One is that on a subconscious level, we are always thinking and coming to conclusions, but that these register only as hunches to our conscious mind. Another is that we pick up telling cues from body language, subliminal sounds or peripheral vision without being consciously aware of doing so. A third is that for each amazing coincidence we remember, we forget all the times we had a hunch and it didn't pan out. A fourth possibility is that we modify our memories for our own convenience, creating a connection where it may not have existed. And so on. These sorts of prosaic explanations probably account for many intuitive hunches. 3

In an evolutionary sense, (I am drawing on a lecture from my Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Class at SUNY ESF), the trait of intuition can exist in humans. If our early ancestors such as Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man had an advantageous trait where they developed a sense of danger or intuition, it prolonged their life and those who expressed the trait (gene) survived to pass on their trait more often than those individuals that did not have a sense of danger. Perhaps this can also explain “sensitive” people who claim to encounter paranormal situations. Is it possible to have these senses? I believe we can. We are unable to explain countless traits of other species, why not a trait that could exist in humans? No one really knows how animals migrate, they only have theories.

1. B.L. Beyerstein, Whence Cometh the Myth that We Only Use 10% of Our Brains? in Mind Myths. Exploring Popular Assumptions about the Mind and Brain edited by S. Della Sala, Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, pages 3-24, 1999.

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