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The SPNY team was called to investigate the Glen Loch Mill Restaurant in Jamesville. Reports of activity included apparitions being seen, footsteps heard upstairs when no one is there, items being thrown from shelves in the kitchen, and one employee having her hair pulled in the basement. The location has a long history. It was a working feed mill until 1969 and converted into a restaurant in 1972...
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Scientific Paranormal investigated the historic Sterling Opera House. Multiple claims of apparitions, both male, female, and child, have been seen and heard including object movements, shadows, balls of light, and more. The Sterling Opera house was built in 1889 as a theater on April 2nd. The two lower levels served as a city hall and police station. The theater remained in use until 1945 while the city hall and police station were in use until 1965. The opera house was named after Charles Sterling founder of the Charles Sterling Company of Sterling Piano’s, but he passed away before the Opera House was completed in 1887. Many famous performances were seen here including Amelia Earhart addressed the local Women’s Club here in 1936, Harry Houdini, and D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation premiere....
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Scientific Paranormal investigated the Ivoryton Playhouse, a historical community center turned theater. The Ivoryton Playhouse was built in the early 1900’s, but actually became a theater in the 1930’s. Its original purpose was an employee recreational hall for the Comstock Cheney factory. Before being demolished, a man named Milton Stiefel decided to convert the building into a theater...
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Scientific Paranormal investigates Fort Stanwix! The SP team had the pleasure of being able to investigate the historical Fort Stanwix. Fort Stanwix was built at 1762 under British General John Stanwix. Originally, the Fort was an important neutral treaty grounds where the British and the Iroquois Indian Nation negotiated terms. The Fort eventually was abandoned in 1768 after the treaty was signed. In 1776 the Fort was reoccupied by Colonial troops under Colonel Elias Dayton. Technically, the fort was renamed Fort Schuyler for a time. The Fort saw a siege on August 3rd, 1777 under a combination of British forces and Native Americans. While the Fort was taken back over by the British regiment, a nearby skirmish, The Battle of Oriskany, forced the British to withdraw from the Fort.
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Scientific Paranormal investigates the Deep River Library. The team traveled to Deep River Connecticut to investigate claims in a very old library. Originally the library was a home built by a man named Richard Spencer in 1881. The home was eventually donated in the early 1900's as a gift to the town and became a perfect spot for the library, which was in need of a location. In 1933, the home was officially converted into the Deep River Library. Over the years, there has been reports of paranormal activity. Most of these claims point back to a female apparition, as there are claims of female murmuring, laughing, even a female apparition has been seen. There have also been reports of footsteps and other noises.
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Scientific Paranormal investigates the historic and legendary USS The Sullivans Battleship! The entire SP team had the pleasure of being invited onto a historical ship called the USS The Sullivans. This Fletcher-class destroyer served in World War II and the Korean War. Named after the Sullivans Brothers who lost their lives when their ship, the USS Juneau, was sunk by a Japanese submarine during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. This vessel served as an important support during the war and through many battles. In 1965 it was decommissioned and eventually sent to the Buffalo Naval Park as a museum ship.
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Classifications for Paranormal Evidence

Visual Data
Very difficult evidence to capture. Visual apparitions can appear in several forms. Sometimes they can form pockets of energy, as seen in unnusual visual light. Additionally, some visual evidence can be the unknown movement or placement of objects, such as a chair or a picture. Other visual evidence sometimes can take a form of a deceased individual, possibly resulting in an "intelligent" haunting. This type of phenomina has been seen to be a dark shadow, a transparent see-through and completely opaque.

Unidentified Light - Theorized to be pockets of energy that manifest when a paranormal entity is nearby. Authentic evidence are those in which the light is giving off its own light, non-transparent, and appears to contain a large tail(s) along a background which has none (tails indicate high speed movement and non-static objects. If all objects have tails then the camera itself was moving). Bad evidence includes moisture reflection, dust, and camera light reflection. Be very careful when indoors, as light bounces between metallic surfaces and mirrors. Most standard camera's and video equipment can catch these anomalies. Try to remove flash to avoid light bouncing. Sometimes mis-interpreted as the word "orb" demonstrates a complete lack of understanding between good and bad evidence of unidentified light sources. True authentic "orb" evidence is rare. In fact, 95% or more of so called "orb" type photographs are in fact natural dust and moisture.

Object Manipulation - A common theme in visual evidence is objects moving by themselves. Authentic object manipulation can only be proven when all other explanations have been accounted for. For example, if a door opens by itself, you must prove that the door was firmly closed before and there is no wind drafts nearby. If blankets are pulled off a bed, be very sure the movement is coming from an angle where you can rule out tampering if someone is behind the bed doing it. Leaving a camera on overnight with infrared night-vision is the best at capturing these types of visual evidence. Be sure to change tape every once in a while.

Shadow People - A phenomenon which shows only the shadow silhouette of a human type figure, without any cosmetic features. This type of entity is considered a half-ghost, whereby the ghost only manifests itself by half - the general outline. It is far more common for a ghost to manifest itself as a dark figure theoretically because it requires less energy to do so. Authentic shadow people evidence is in which a shadow appears to be moving on its own, with no people nearby, and the shadow is 100% non-transparent. If the shadow is cast when a person is nearby or if you can see through the shadow, it is most likely a normal shadow and not a shadow person.

Full Manifestations - The so called "holy grail" of paranormal. Rarely you will find paranormal activity that contains a full figure person with all their original attributes. An authentic full manifestation would include someone that all visible features can still be seen. Be wary however, nearly 99% of all claims of full manifestations are false and nothing more than eye tricks.

Audio Data
More commonly caught evidence is sound. Homeowners will typically hear footsteps or sounds coming from specific haunted areas far more often than video. Why this is the case is unclear, perhaps using sound energy as opposed to physical manifestations is easier for the ghost to communicate. In any event, it is quite easy to capture sound evidence by way of a digital audio device or analog audio device. Simply leave the player on and go about your normal routine, sometimes asking a few questions to the suspected entity if you wish. Sometimes, an EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, will occur.

Unidentified Sounds - These can occur as simple bangs, footsteps, or otherwise that cannot be explained. Authentic sounds recorded can include taping, things sounding like they are dropping, or footsteps when it is known that no other person is around. At best, these sounds can only be proven by given members and is hard to show to an audience at large. Most bangs and sounds usually have some normal explanation such as wood expanding and collapsing based on moisture, pipes banging, even ventilation systems.

Whisper/Noise - These sounds can occur as human made whispers, moans, cries, screams, laughs, etc. While these sounds can have a normal natural sound duplicate, they can also be made by EVP. It is difficult to prove the authenticity of these sounds.

EVP Words - The most common paranormal EVP type you will catch. These are audible human words that appear on your recorded device. These words can be anything from help, go away, leave, a name, or even full sentences. However, these words appear randomly and are not part of any conversation you had. An authentic EVP is that in which the voice sounds dismembered and is not part of your immediate area voices.

EVP Responses - The best type of EVP you can get. This would be EVP responses to questions you ask. For example, if you asked "What is your name?" and you record down on the audio device, "David", that would be the best EVP response you can get. This means that you are dealing with an intelligent haunting, and not residual. To get EVP responses, you need to do "EVP work", which means try talking normally to the supposed entity in the immediate area. Asking questions such as "What is your name", "Did you die here", "Why are you still here", are all basic questions that can get some responses out of the entity...if there is one there.

Other Data
Besides audio and visual, you may gain other types of evidence. These include detecting EMF fluctuations, finding cold spots, seeing heat signatures, etc. These types of "other" evidence are not as strong as the previous two. However, if you can combine this evidence with audio and visual, you have yourself a very strong case for proving or dis-proving a haunting.

Cold Spots - These are areas that are free-floating, or in mid air, that are colder than the surrounding area. It is believed entities draw in heat energy to manifest, leaving the area colder behind. (Think like a refrigerator mechanism...coils draw heat away from fridge, leaving your fridge to provide you with cold. Coils=Entities and Fridge=area) You simply detect these spots with your touch sensation on your body. If you can feel an area with your hand that is colder than the area around it, and you cannot find a cold-source such as an open window or air conditioner, then you might have found a cold spot. Advanced equipment can be used to document cold spots by using digital probe and thermometer to accurately measure the temperature area. If you can show that the area just outside the spot is 70 degrees and the cold spot is 46.7 degrees on video, that is high proof for a cold-spot. Be sure to check for plausible explanations first.

EMF Fluctuations - General area EMF readings are around .1-.5 milligaus. When placing your EMF reader, you might find this reading to increase to 1, 2, 3, and so on. If your EMF gauge goes beyond 1.0, it is typically not normal. You should first find a "base" reading of an area. Once this is found, if you are gaining spikes, try to pinpoint the location. Most high EMF readings come from unshielded wires and pipes, as well as electrical boxes. If you cannot find the source, or if the EMF is free-floating, you might have found yourself a paranormal EMF flux. If you find this, it is high-probability that some paranormal event may occur, but not always. If it does start to climb on its own, be sure to gather as much audio and video in the area before it dissipates.

Heat Signatures - Using thermal camera's, you can detect heat sources of objects and areas. If you can somehow find types of unexplained heat sources, such as footprints, or silhouette of a person, this may be evidence for paranormal. However, thermo-cams are extremely expensive, many ranging in tens of thousands of dollars. Even with this, thermo imaging does reflect like a video does, and you often find most plausible explanations for thermo signatures.

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